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I decided to start my business when I was studying abroad in New York. At the age of 22, I felt a contradiction in the constant war and slaughter despite the people’s desire for peace, and I was the most depressed in my life. However, I experienced that a bowl of ramen I ate filled my hunger and made me feel positive at the same time. I felt that my heart was saved. I decided to spread a Ramen, Japanese soul food, to the world. You can’t end the war and terrorism with a bowl of ramen, but you can make the people who eat it smile. I realized that is my mission.

We want customers to eat it every day, so let’s use plenty of vegetables. Let’s make it chicken-based soup so I can have friends of Islam eat it. That is how THANK ramen came out.

It’s been almost 2 decades since I decided to start my business, and I still believe that a bowl of ramen can lighten up customers lives. With that in mind, I will continue to work hard with my colleagues today and from now on.


会社名 THANK合同会社
代表者 田邉雄二
電話 03-5400-1350
MAIL info@thanktank.jp
URL https://thanktank.jp
所在地 〒105-0012
東京都港区芝大門2-1-13 芝大友ビル1F
業務内容 ラーメン店運営
従業員数 6名(2020年12月現在)


2012年1月 鶏ポタラーメンTHANK大門店をオープン
2015年7月 鶏ポタラーメンTHANKお茶の水店をオープン
2019年7月 THANK合同会社 設立
2020年1月 チリトマラーメンTHANKをオープン
2020年8月 オンラインストアをオープン
2023年1月 トリポタラーメンSUNDAYをオープン